Sclerotherapy Denver

DPSA_SchleroLSclerotherapy (vein therapy) is the technique by which a specialized solution is carefully injected into the legs to help reduce the appearance of fine leg veins, also known as spider veins. Essentially, this solution works to shrink the blood vessels near the surface of the skin so less blood flows through them, which helps minimize the unappealing marks.

Sclerotheapy may require multiple treatments depending on the amount of correction needed.

At a Glance

Procedure Laser treatment or series of injections performed in the office. Process involves closing small blood vessels.
Benefits Reduced appearance of unsightly spider veins.
Recovery time Clients are advised to wear compression garments for several days after treatment to maximize results.
Potential risks Injection site irritation; bruising.
Tips Clients are advised to purchase compression garments that cover the treatment areas and bring them to the appointment. These can be purchased online or at many drug stores. We recommend 15–20mmHg of pressure.