The Skin around the Eyes and Aging

The skin around the eyes is thin and unlike any other skin on the body. As patients enter their 30s and 40s, one of the first signs of aging is around the eyes. These can include wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles under the eyes, and puffiness. There are a few products that can help combat this aging process and improve the overall appearance of the eyes. Often, people think that wrinkles and fine lines are the same thing. This is not the case as fine lines tend to appear earlier and present more commonly with animation of the face. They appear earlier in patients who smoke or spend a lot of time in the sun. Fine lines typically respond quicker to topical eye creams because they are not as deep as wrinkles. People can have fine lines for years on their face before deeper wrinkles start to set in. These are typically referred to as “crow’s feet” around the eyes. Some procedures like Botox are better for treating deep-set wrinkles, but pairing this with a good eye cream can be a game changer. 

Aging is a global process. Wrinkles and crow’s feet are not the only signs of aging around the eyes. Puffiness and dark circles can make you look more tired than you really are. The skin around the eyes lose collagen which causes vessels to become more prominent and create a darker appearance under the eyes. Fat can also herniate through these weaker structures causing a “puffy” look. Some people may have a darker pigmentation under the eyes called melasma. This can be worsened by hormones, stress, and sun exposure. Let’s review some of our staff’s favorite eye creams that help reduce the appearance of aging and can make you feel more confident in our own skin. 

Our Recommended Products

Revision D.E.J Eye Cream

– This cream specifically targets the Dermal-Epidermal-Junction(DEJ) which is the layer in the skin that produces the most collagen. It is great at targeting those fine lines and wrinkles which further lead to the appearance of sagging and hooding around the eyes. It contains prebiotic technology that promotes a healthy skin biome and locks in moisture

Skin Medica TNS Illuminating Eye:

This eye cream contains the luxury TNS® system that helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles to improve tone and texture around the eyes. It also harnesses several ingredients that diffuse the effect of light and can lessen the visibility of dark circles under the eye. It contains a small amount of retinol that helps with superficial pigmentation and creates an overall brighter and more youthful eye. 

Although all patients will benefit from adding eye cream into their skin care routine, these products might also be paired with procedures such as Botox, lasers, or surgical procedures. Meeting with one of our providers for a full skin analysis will help determine which product and which procedures might be best for you. 

Kendall Peterson