Dr Rogers

Lipo AI

We are proud to be the first practice in the Rocky Mountain region to offer LipoAI to our patients. Combining laser energy and AI (artificial intelligence), LipoAI is the first and only FDA approved body contouring device that utilizes AI and dynamic algorithms to create an enhanced patient experience while achieving tighter contours and smoother skin. Learn how this minimally invasive liposuction procedure can help you achieve lasting results with little recovery downtime.

How does Lipo AI Differ from Liposuction?

LipoAI is different from traditional liposuction because it melts the fat cells first. The melted fat is more easily removed allowing the use of smaller and thinner instruments. This leads to a smoother recovery and minimal bruising compared to conventional liposuction. This all translates to less downtime and a quicker return to daily activities. The laser energy has an additional benefit in that it tightens the skin helping achieve a smoother body contour.

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How does Lipo AI work?

LipoAI works by incorporating a predictive algorithm using thousands of data points that adjust with changes in temperature and energy. The device is able to interpret the surgeon’s movements in order to deliver the proper amount of energy to the tissue and adjust these levels in real-time. Each pass of the LipoAI device is equivalent to 7 passes with traditional liposuction devices. This allows for less downtime as there is less damage to the surrounding tissues-thus reducing swelling, bruising and inflammation.

Which part of the body can be treated with Lipo AI?

LipoAI is a great procedure for all areas that require skin tightening and/or fat removal. Potential treatment areas include the abdomen, love handles & waist, thighs, knees, calves & ankles, arms, neck & jowls, bra roll, and the male chest. This body sculpting treatment procedure can treat areas that retain fat, excess skin, or fat that you are seeking to eliminate.

Two Days Post Procedure

What should you expect?

Prior to scheduling the procedure, Dr. Rodgers will consult with the prospective patient to ensure they are an ideal candidate. While LipoAI is the most advanced body contouring procedure available today, it is meant for candidates who are at a reasonable BMI and in good health. It is perfect for treating those hard to lose areas that are resistant to diet and exercise.

The average LipoAI procedure is under two hours and is completed in-office. Topical numbing will be applied and tumescent, a local anesthetic, will be administered to the targeted area prior to the procedure. Nitrous Oxide may be administered throughout the procedure to ensure the patient’s comfort.

After the procedure, patients are placed in a compression surgical garment. We recommend that the patient does not drive post procedure. There is minimal discomfort compared to alternative liposuction, but some patients may experience redness, bruising, or swelling. Pain medication may be taken after discussion with Dr. Rodgers.

PLUS Technology – Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The PLUS Technology is a non-invasive technology that is available on the LipoAI Device. It increases blood and lymphatic circulation to make recovery from the procedure faster. It is a new way to massage the lymphatic system for cleansing, Edema, and post-operative recovery.