Neurotoxin (Botox/Dysport)


One of the first signs of aging is fine lines that start to form between the brow, on the forehead, and around the eyes. These can easily be addressed with neurotoxin injections to relax the muscles and create an overall more youthful appearance. There are many different neurotoxin options available, and our office carries most of them. You have probably heard of Botox, but nurotoxin injections are also available under the names Dysport, Xeomin, and Daxxify, to name a few. Although they all work similarly, some patients are better candidates for one or the other. Our experienced providers will be able to help you navigate which product may work best for you.

This beauty-enhancing treatment is most often used to instantly correct moderate to severe wrinkles throughout the forehead, between the eyebrows (those pesky number “11’s”), and around the eyes (crow’s feet). Carefully placed amounts can also help with dimpling along the chin, lines around the mouth and relieve jaw clenching.

When you receive neurotoxin injections, the whole procedure is completely non-surgical, causes minimal discomfort, and only takes about 10 minutes. Even better, the effects can last up to 3–4 months. Our skincare specialists may adjust the number of units injected per treatment to provide the absolute best results for each individual client.



Series of small injections performed in the office by a nurse or Physician Assistant.


Botox is known to reduce the appearance of frown lines and wrinkles. It is also used to treat neck spasms, excessive sweating, an overactive bladder, and lazy eye. Botox can also help prevent chronic migraines.

Recovery Time

Minimal downtime. Immediately following the injections, small bumps may be visible and will likely resolve within hours.

Potential Risks

Asymmetrical results; product migration to other muscles; minor discomfort during injections.


Patients are advised to avoid applying any pressure to the area and not wear makeup for 4 hours following treatment. Also, we suggest avoiding exercise for the remainder of the treatment day to prevent the product from moving.