Over time the aging process, acne, environmental pollutants, and other issues give your skin a tired, damaged, worn out, and old look. Take yourself back to when you were younger and take years of accumulated damage off your skin with a single, relatively painless procedure. Laser technology helps reverse the signs of aging, smooths the irregularities in your skin, and gives you that glowing fresh look you had when you were younger.

We offer two types of laser skin resurfacing for optimal results:

Full-Field Resurfacing

The first is full-field resurfacing, which removes layers of skin across the entire treatment area to help erase fine lines, sunspots, and deep wrinkles such as upper lip lines and crow’s feet. We can do this in the office or the OR, depending on the need. If this procedure is done in the office, we use a topical anesthetic, oral medications, and dental block injections to make you as comfortable as possible. This procedure is the best procedure available on the market for treating fine perioral lines (wrinkles around your mouth). This is done with an erbium Nd:YAG laser, which gives optimal results without unwanted side effects that CO2 lasers commonly give and is completely safe. 

ProFractional Therapy™

The second type of skin resurfacing is called ProFractional Therapy™. This therapy creates fractionating micron columns into the skin for deeper penetration to stimulate collagen. This treatment is especially effective for acne scars, Keloids or raised scars, and fine lines or wrinkles. These procedures can be combined for even better results and typically give the average patient 7-10 days of social downtime. With the use of Omni Core Recovery Complex post either laser procedure, which Dr. Rodgers or your Skincare Professional applies, the downtime of your procedure is minimized by days, and you will achieve better results due to collagen production. 

Ask your Skincare Professional for more details.