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Published on August 29, 2017

I have hardly ever had a conversation about labial reduction with even my closest friends, ever. Such a sensitive topic, no doubt. Yet I know this a very significant issue for many women. Recently, one of my closest friends sheepishly

Happily Face-Lifted – Two Women Share Their Personal Facelift Stories

Published on August 28, 2017

Note from the author. As a middle-aged woman who keenly observes how humans age; myself included, I am fascinated and intrigued to learn about every possible resource available to optimize an aging person’s looks in an uber natural, safe and


Published on August 27, 2017

breast \ brest \ n 1 : either of the pair of the mammary glands extending from the front of the chest esp. in pubescent and adult human females. 2 : the front part of the body between the neck

Male Breast Reduction Denver

Published on February 1, 2017

The Male Breast Reduction procedure is performed to correct gynecomastia–or overly developed breast tissue in men. Gynecomastia is surprisingly common and while some young men do outgrow the condition, for other men the overly developed chest appearance may be permanent

Rhinoplasty — Nose Surgery Denver Facial Procedure

Published on January 20, 2017

Being dissatisfied with the shape, size or overall appearance of your nose can have a dramatic effect on your well-being, considering the nose is a centralized feature that is not easily concealed. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to improve

Reduction Mammaplasty Denver

Published on January 17, 2017
Reduction Mammaplasty

Reduction Mammaplasty can be a life-changing procedure for many women who’ve experienced pain and discomfort on a daily basis due to excess weight in the chest. Breasts that are disproportionately large can cause neck, shoulder, and back pain and the

Breast Augmentation Denver

Published on January 3, 2017
Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is one of the most popular and commonly performed plastic surgery procedures. Women seek out breast augmentation for a variety of personal reasons—some have always felt their breasts were disproportionately small for their figure, or simply for their

Breast Lift Denver

Published on December 12, 2016
Breast Lift

Breast Lift, also called Mastopexy, is a popular breast rejuvenation procedure performed to lift breasts that have begun to sag. Breast sagging happens as we get older and gravity takes its hold on the breasts–though there are some factors that

Find Joy with a Facelift

Published on November 18, 2016

Do you love the person you see when you look in the mirror? As people age, their faces change. Skin loses laxity and begins to sag. Stress and sun damage can cause hyperpigmentation or dark markings. Fine lines like wrinkles

Liposuction Denver

Published on October 12, 2016

Liposuction is a very popular body contouring procedure for both men and women with areas of stubborn, localized fat that have not been responding to exercise to healthy eating. Liposuction has helped many people finally achieve their ideal body contour