breast \ brest \ n 1 : either of the pair of the mammary glands extending from the front of the chest esp. in pubescent and adult human females. 2 : the front part of the body between the neck and the abdomen 3 : the seat of emotion and thought, one’s inner self – Syn. mind, heart, bosom, thoughts, conscience, soul, feelings, psyche, spirit, essential nature, being, character

augment \ og-ment \ vb : ENLARGE, INCREASE

It is always intriguing to begin to learn about anything, but particularly a surgical procedure, by opening up a common English dictionary for a hopefully simple definition. Did you find the definition of breast as anything but simple? “ The seat of emotion and thought?” “ Conscience, soul . . . psyche, spirit . . . being?” It is a very important thing to understand why the decision to have a breast augmentation runs so deeply in a woman’s mind and heart. It is not only physical, but also, oh so emotional.

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most common of cosmetic surgeries. It makes one wonder why? Recent research has shown that breast augmentation surgery “can have a significant and profound positive impact on a woman’s satisfaction with her breasts and her psychosocial and sexual well-being.” (Mc Carthy, et al., Journal of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, July 2012.) And now that we have learned the definition of a breast as also being “the seat of emotion, thought and inner self,” it is no wonder that to have surgery to improve upon a woman’s breasts can have a great effect on how a woman perceives herself.

It is very interesting to know why so many women choose to have their breasts enlarged. First, the obvious choice may belong to women with small breasts. In the case of a dear friend, a marathon runner who had essentially a very flat chest, the decision was clear. She quite simply wanted to look nice in her clothes. She said to me, “You only have one body and one life. Once I had the augmentation done, I never looked back. I am now so pleased to shop for bathing suits and sweaters. I am beyond happy with how I look in a variety of clothing.”

Other times, women who were once satisfied with their breasts before pregnancy and breast feeding will opt to have the surgery to bring their breasts back to their pre pregnancy shape, lift and fullness. Another lady, who was happy with the fullness and “perky” shape of her breasts prior to delivering and nursing four children, was thrilled to have surgery to reclaim the breasts she missed. “ I would not give up being the mom of my four kids for anything, but I really did not like how I looked afterwards. And although the anticipation of having breast augmentation made me nervous, I am so glad I had it done. It was much easier than I could have imagined. And, Dr. Rodgers made the entire process so manageable. She and her staff really gave me the information and confidence I needed to proceed. I couldn’t be happier. And now, I don’t even think about it.”

Breasts, like the women who own them, no doubt come in all shapes and sizes. Fortunately, women desiring breast augmentation can do so with confidence, safety and satisfaction with Dr. Christine Rodgers, a renowned plastic surgeon and breast cancer survivor herself. Dr. Rodgers, who did her plastic surgery residency at Harvard Medical School, truly has it all. Brilliant intellectually, Dr. Christine Rodgers is also gifted and talented artistically and aesthetically. As a bonus, her “bedside manner” is genuine, caring and kind. Dr. Rodgers is a professional who has surrounded herself with highly trained, professional and compassionate colleagues and staff.

quin-tes-sen- tial / kwin-te-sen-chel\ n : the purest essence of something

Without a doubt, Dr. Christine Rodgers is the quintessential choice a woman can make to perform her breast augmentation surgery. Any woman considering breast augmentation should schedule a personal visit with Dr. Christine Rodgers and her staff. More information is always powerful. During a consultative visit, Dr. Rodgers will spend her time discussing the patient’s desires, and together with her staff, will detail the process in a caring and excellent way; from preparing for the surgery to post operative care. The finest plastic surgeon any woman could choose is Dr. Christine Rodgers.