Kendall Nolan-Cherry

Aesthetician & Laser Specialist

With an illustrious career spanning eight years, Kendall has established herself as a seasoned aesthetics nurse with a passion for enhancing natural beauty. Her expertise encompasses advanced training in neurotoxins, HA fillers, PRF, and Sculptra. Kendall is also proficient in utilizing IPL and skin resurfacing lasers to achieve optimal results for her clients.

Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, Kendall pursued her Bachelor’s in Nursing at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Her commitment to excellence led her to the vibrant aesthetic scene of San Diego, where she served as the lead nurse injector at a prestigious med spa.

Kendall, a devoted wife and a proud new mom to a 6-month-old boy, finds joy in spending quality time with her family in their new city of Denver. Alongside her husband, son, and two dogs, Kendall embraces the outdoor lifestyle Denver has to offer. Whether it’s snowboarding, going to the park, working out, hiking, or exploring new destinations, Kendall infuses her life with a balance of adventure and serenity.

Kendall’s dedication to staying at the forefront of her field is evident in her continuous pursuit of knowledge and advanced training. Her holistic approach to aesthetics combines technical skill with a keen understanding of individualized client needs, creating a personalized and transformative experience.

In every procedure, Kendall brings a blend of artistry and medical precision, ensuring her clients not only look their best but feel their best. With a warm and caring demeanor, Kendall fosters a comfortable environment, establishing trust and lasting relationships with those seeking her expertise.

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