What is the difference between Corrective BBL and Forever Young BBL? This can be confusing.  Both are BroadBand Light by Sciton and they both provide photorejuvenation benefits by using light to target chromophore.  In fact in many offices, if they have BBL, do not differentiate between the Corrective and the Forever Young procedures.  But there is a difference, and it is an important difference.  Corrective BBL uses a high amount of energy with less passes, while Forever Young BBL uses multiple passes at a lower energy. 

Ongoing studies from Universities such as Stanford have shown that the more BroadBand Light into the skin, the better it is for our skin.  BBL is a worldwide recognized stand alone procedure that stops the clock on aging skin.  So whether you are getting BBL or Forever Young BBL they both give you the benefit of clearer, smoother, younger looking skin.  

Here at Denver Plastic Surgery Associates, we have found that to get better and more effective results for sun damage, it is important to treat with Corrective BBL first.  The reason for this is simple: when patients first come into our office to start BBL treatments, they usually have a significant amount of sun damage that needs correcting. Corrective BBL is proven more effective in removing these issues from the skin by using a higher amount of energy. 

This is why we recommend 3 Corrective BBL’s to start, usually spaced 4 weeks apart, to remove sun damage at higher levels of energy with less passes.  Then,  once the skin is looking even,  we can then transition the patient to the Forever Young BBL procedures, with multiple passes using lower energy fluence.  We recommend 3-4 Forever Young BBL’s a year for maintaining the skin’s even skin tone as well as preventing the skin from aging further. 

The more BroadBand Light, the better in order to stop the clock on pre-extrinsic aging from sun and DNA aging of the skin.  With consistency you can start to see fine lines and wrinkles start to diminish as the skin’s aging process has been significantly slowed down! Give our office a call to schedule your BroadBand Light treatment at 303-320-8618.