Broadband Light (BBL) Forever Young

Intense Pulsed Light and Broadband Light

Forever Young BBL is the only clinically proven treatment that not only removes sun damage in the skin such as brown spots and capillaries but can change the expression of genes associated with aging in your skin cells. 

This treatment is usually recommended as a maintenance plan after you have completed corrective procedures per your SkinCare Professional.  With as little as 2-4 treatments per year and zero downtime we can reverse and slow the signs of aging of your skin. 

A study conducted out of Stanford University and 491 professional evaluators on 11 patients over the course of 10 years and 4 treatments per year revealed:

  • The Patient’s skin appeared to not have aged at all over the study period.
  • The Patient’s skin appeared 20 years younger than their actual age!
  • The Patient’s skin was brighter, reflected light, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, virtually no sun damage

This procedure has NO downtime! You can apply makeup on the same day!  

Face and neck are always included; however, other areas of the body can be done, such as décolleté.