Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

At Denver Plastic Surgery, it’s our goal to help you look and feel your absolute best. We only trust the industry-leading Sciton® laser technologies both in our office and in the operating room. While we do have a variety of treatments offered in-office, Dr. Rodgers utilizes a deeper resurfacing mode when her patient is under general anesthesia. Years of sun damage and deep wrinkles require more aggressive treatment to achieve optimal results. She uses a fully customizable Erbium Yag laser (Contour TRL) that is designed to remove a variable depth of aging, damaged skin. Removing this layer allows the skin to regenerate newer healthy cells that improve overall thickness and appearance. 

This is commonly combined with other facial surgery in the OR to improve skin quality and overall rejuvenation. With the use of our Omni Serum, the downtime from aggressive laser resurfacing of the skin has been dramatically shortened. Discussion with one of our expert laser medical personnel to learn which option may be the best for you. 



Dr. Rodgers prefers to perform these in the OR with general anesthesia for safety


Smooth refreshed skin with fewer wrinkles, better texture, tone, and pigmentation reduction.

Recovery Time

5-7 days of significant redness followed by 1-3 weeks of pinkness. Patients are given a complete recovery kit to aid in healing at home.

Potential Risks

Temporary discomfort, irritation, bleeding, infection, delayed healing


Patients are directed to avoid direct sunlight 2 weeks prior and up to 4 weeks post treatment. Avoid aspirin, fish oil, and other blood thinning medication. An anti-viral drug will be administered prior to the treatment.