WOW Treatment

Our Wow Laser Resurfacing treatment can remove 10-20 years of aging to your skin in 1 treatment which truly creates a wow result!

This procedure combines 3 different Sciton laser services at the same appointment: BBL, Contour TRL and ProFractional Laser

The first step of this treatment is BBL Laser (BroadBand Light). BBL removes surface sun damage or brown spots as well as redness, reduces the appearance of capillary veins and improves the general discoloration of the skin.

The second step of the treatment is the Contour TRL Laser (Tunable Laser Resurfacing) removes wrinkles, fine lines and also addresses sun damage. This laser is excellent for treating defined wrinkles around the mouth as well as under the eyes.

The final step in the WOW Treatment process is the Profractional Laser. This laser helps to promote skin elasticity renewal and collagen remodeling for months to come. This part of the treatment allows external growth factors, such as (Omni) or PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) , to penetrate the skin which, in turn, helps to promote rapid healing.