1. Please sleep with your head elevated with 2-3 pillows. This will help reduce swelling and promote healing.
  2. You may use a bag of frozen peas to help reduce swelling. They should NOT be placed directly on your nose. Place them so they are on either side of your nose, under your eyes and on your forehead.
  3. Avoid any medications listed in your informed consent packet for 2 weeks prior to your surgery and 2 weeks post-operatively, as these medications may lead to an increase in bleeding.
  4. You will have packing inside your nose and a splint on the outside of your nose that will remain intact for 6-7 days.
  5. Once the packing is out, it would be helpful if you sleep with a humidifier. Once the packing is removed, you may cleanse the nares with sterile saline spray twice a day.
  6. It is imperative to ensure that you protect your nose and avoid any bumps or trauma to the area.
  7. Do not engage in strenuous physical activity for at least 4 weeks.
  8. You may expect visible swelling for 3-12 weeks and minimal swelling for up to 18 months; keeping in mind everyone heals at a different pace. If you experience bruising, this may last from 2-5 weeks.
  9. Continue your prescribed antibiotics for the full 7-day course.

*ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING for at least 8 weeks. It is also important not to be in a room with smokers, as smoking hinders healing and can lead to tissue death.