1. Avoid any medications listed in your informed consent packet for two weeks prior to your surgery and 2 weeks post-operatively. These medications may increase bleeding during the procedure and bruising after liposuction.
  2. Start your antibiotic as prescribed the day before your procedure.
  3. Arrive on time for the procedure to double check paperwork, consents, and prep for your procedure with Dr Rodgers.
  4. Bring all pain medications with you if you plan to take them in the office prior to your procedure. We will tell you when to take them. YOU MUST HAVE A RIDE HOME IF YOU TAKE ANY PAIN MEDICATIONS.
  5. After surgery, a surgical garment will be placed around your head and under your chin.
  6. Ice packs placed around your areas of liposuction will help reduce swelling and relieve pain.
  7. You may shower 24 hours after your procedure. Keep showers comfortable and short with warm, not hot, water to minimize swelling.
  8. Sleep either flat on your back, or up to 30 degrees elevation (no more).
  9. At your first post-operative appointment, your provider will remove the bandages that are covering your liposuction incisions. Do not remove these bandages on your own.
  10. The chin garment should be worn day and night for 1 week after surgery and then for a second week, day, OR night.
  11. You will be instructed on how to massage your skin once you are about 2 weeks out from surgery. This will help to minimize any lumpiness or irregularities that you may feel or see.
  12. The sutures will be removed in our office 7-10 days following your procedure.
  13. It is important that you DO NOT engage in strenuous physical activity for at least 3-4 weeks after surgery.
  14. NO SMOKING for 8 weeks. Avoid being in a room with smokers. Smoking hinders the healing process.
  15. NO NSAIDS, vitamins or herbal supplements for 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after surgery.
  16. Contact the office immediately if you notice any sudden increase in redness, swelling, excessive bleeding/drainage or pain at the surgical site.