When you open the door to Dr. Christine Rodgers’ office, the first person you will likely see at the front desk is the lovely Julie Boone, Front Office Coordinator. Julie has greeted me many times over the years always looking perfectly put together. A true fair skinned lady with light red brows and hair, Julie is also a licensed aesthetician and makeup specialist; her makeup forever beautifully done. Recently, upon opening the door, I noticed something extra pretty about her. How could that be? Was it the lighting that changed? Her hair, her makeup? Her skin was so very radiant, it was stunning.

When I asked her what she had done to achieve her extra polish, she said, “I had the HALO treatment done just a bit ago. Everyone who walks in says something about my skin.”

She added, “My skin is so smooth, products go in better. It is the best my skin has ever been. So smooth, and firmer. I don’t have to wear a ton of makeup – no foundation even.”

So this is what the revolutionary HALO laser treatment is all about.

Want to know more? Allow me to share with you what I have learned from my research as well as my interviews with the two ladies at Dr. Rodgers’ office, Julie Boone and Diane Baklaich, who were able to experience the truly revolutionary HALO.

HALO – Hybrid Fractional Laser

The HALO laser is the newest and most revolutionary laser invented by Sciton. Revolutionary because it is the first and only of its kind. A hybrid, meaning a cross between two types of lasers. One ablative that treats the surface of the skin, and the other non-ablative that treats the deeper part of the skin. Why is that so revolutionary? It is because it treats the skin with the maximum effects with minimal discomfort and down time. From Sciton, “With just one treatment, you will see improvements in overall skin tone and texture, significant removal of discoloration, reduction in the appearance of fine lines, reduced pore size, skin reactivity and glow. You will feel minimal discomfort, and will see results between day 2 and 5 after your HALO treatment, and your skin will continue to improve over time. Most patients see the greatest improvement in the first 2 to 3 weeks. Results can last for years to come, as long as you continue to keep your new healthy skin protected at all times using UV sunscreen.”

Sounding almost too good to be true, I really enjoyed talking with Julie and Diane about their personal experiences with HALO.

Q and A with Julie Boone

Tell me why you decided to have your skin treated with HALO?

“Always seeking out ways to enhance my skin, over the years I have had treatments with BBL and Forever Young. I have been really happy with the results. Once HALO came out, I was most looking forward to a really great result with less pain. With my treatment, I was able to even out my skin tone, have more clear skin; fewer breakouts, and to decrease blotchiness es- pecially on and around my nose which could be pink to red at times. I also had a fairly stub- born age spot near my hairline that I was able to resolve. The pore size on my nose, although not large, was something else that was reduced. My pore size is more refined and not as visi- ble.”

Tell me about the actual treatment, from start to finish?

“The day of the treatment, I had an application of numbing cream an hour before treatment; applied in three layers, each 15 minutes apart. Once ready, I was given small goggles to wear and the process began.”

“My face was measured by sections to be treated; left and right forehead, nose, right and left cheeks, sections around the lips, under the mouth and chin. The machine was then programed according to the surface area, density and depth desired.

“Once programmed, the treatment began. The device seemed like a bigger version of a lip gloss roller, on my face. It feels like roller balls gliding over each section, first going one direc- tion, and then the opposite; as in vertical and horizontal. It did not hurt and it wasn’t uncom- fortable. The sensation was like static, sort of like when you walk across the carpet and touch the TV. I was a bit anxious, but it wasn’t bad at all.”

How was your recovery? When did you notice the results?

“I had an application of OMNI Core Recovery Complex TaC – treatment and care, serum right after treatment, which speeds recovery by 40 percent, and increases collagen stimulation while also reducing inflammation and minimizing heat and irritation. Soon after the treatment, my skin was very red and felt like a sunburn in a hot shower. I had the treatment done at the end of the work week so I could recover over the weekend. By the next Tuesday, I wore a bit of Col- orescience Even Up to work to cover the redness, but I had no oozing or anything like that. My skin got very peely and felt like sandpaper. The peely part of the skin is referred to as MENDs – Microscopic Epidermal Necrotic Debris and may look like tiny coffee grounds, which is to be expected and must be allowed to slough off by itself over a period of a week. By day 6 or 7, I didn’t need to wear any make up except eye makeup. I would say I was completely recovered by day ten and I still look forward to seeing continued improvement.”

Are you glad you had HALO done?

“I would totally do this again. Everything I hoped for came true, and my skin is so smooth that one of the PAs felt my skin and remarked that it was as soft as her little baby’s bottom.”
What now?

“Now I am as diligent as I have ever been about using sunscreen. I want to preserve the re- sults and maintain this investment in my skin. I carry sunscreen with me everywhere. I love my Colorescience “Sunforgettable” powdered sunscreen that I keep in the car to reapply often. I am committed to taking care of my investment in my skin.”

Q and A with Diane Baklaich

Now I’d like to share with you the HALO treatment experience by Diane Baklaich, Patient Co- ordinator for Dr. Christine Rodgers. Diane is yet another lovely lady on Dr. Rodgers’ team. Di- ane coordinates surgical patient care from start to finish, and quite wonderfully combines her expert business acumen with compassion. Diane also looked forward to having the HALO treatment.

Tell me why you decided to have your skin treated with HALO?

“I am all about maintenance. We are lucky to be able to maintain our bodies and skin in a way that enhances our beauty and our lives. I wanted to achieve a glow and brightness in my skin, smooth fine lines, smooth texture, and tighten pores in order to improve upon my overall ap- pearance.”

As your treatment was very similar to Julie’s, tell me what you think helped in the recov- ery process?

“OMNI, also known as OMNI Core Recovery Complex TaC, is the serum that was applied im- mediately after the treatment. It increases healing by up to 40 percent faster, stimulates colla- gen production and more.”

What challenged you most with the treatment?

“I felt very little discomfort with the treatment. If anything, the immediate heat factor felt, as Julie said, like a sunburn in a hot shower. Luckily, the wand that holds the roller device also de- livers cryogenic, or super cooled air to the surface of the skin at the same time as the treat- ment. And, the treatment only lasted 30 to 45 minutes. I was numbed very well prior to the treatment; it really was very tolerable.”

How was your recovery? When did you notice the results?

“My recovery was as expected. After about two days, I did have the MENDs which made my face feel like sandpaper and gave me more color than usual, but I could enjoy a normal week- end which was one day after treatment. I washed my face with a very, very gentle cleanser and used a mild moisturizer. As always, I am protecting my face with a good sun block. Again, it is about maintenance of my skin and my investment.

Everybody notices the glow and brightness of my skin. And, at 5 weeks out, I continue to see improvement.”

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