I have hardly ever had a conversation about labial reduction with even my closest friends, ever. Such a sensitive topic, no doubt.

Yet I know this a very significant issue for many women. Recently, one of my closest friends sheepishly admitted that she would really like to have repairs done to minimize her inner labia that became dark and bigger following the births of her two children.

“It is just annoying and really embarrassing,” said my athletic and spunky middle-aged friend. “The extra tissue becomes irritated at different times for me, from riding my bike to hiking and many times just while sitting at my desk. It may seem silly, she added, but I feel self-conscious about it with my husband, even though we have been married for over 20 years. It is frankly unattractive and a big nuisance. I absolutely won’t wear a bikini because of it, and sexy lingerie is totally out of the question. And who can help me with this? It is not something I care to bring up with my regular doctor, even though I think he is a very good professional, I know he has no experience with how to fix this. And, as long as I am being completely honest, it is not an easy thing to deal with hygienically because it is just a strange overgrowth of tissue that is not easily kept clean throughout the day. I really think it is behind the many bladder infections I get after having my period. It is such a hassle! So yes, I would LOVE to have this taken care of once and for all,” said she.

To be honest and objective, a woman’s labia size varies greatly. She can be born with large, asymmetrical and/or protruding labia, or may experience significant changes to the labia with childbirth and/or aging. It can be quite uncomfortable for many reasons. Fortunately, it is something that can be surgically fixed with very little discomfort or downtime.


Labiaplasty is more simply described as repair; typically a surgical trimming of the labia minor; the inner lips of the vagina, or to the labia major; the outermost surface of the skin of the labia. It is a surgery much more common than anyone might guess, no doubt because it is a very intimate physical issue, not generally discussed. There are many reasons why a woman would consider having a labiaplasty:

  1. To cosmetically correct the appearance of asymmetric, lengthened or darkly pigmented labial tissue.
  2. To alleviate discomfort or irritation with either intercourse, certain physical or athletic activities, or with prolonged sitting or standing.
  3. To be able to wear certain clothing like bikinis or lingerie.
  4. To alleviate hygienic issues or odor.
  5. To correct multi-directional urine stream.
  6. To correct a previous labiaplasty, botched by an inexperienced surgeon.


Labiaplasty is typically done with local anesthesia at the Denver Plastic Surgery office, or if the patient desires, at the hospital. The usual procedure uses a trim technique which usually takes 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the patient’s desired results and Dr. Rodger’s meticulous expertise. During a thorough examination and consultation, Dr. Rodgers will discuss a plan that may include the reduction in size of one or both labia, as well as additional repair that can be made to produce a healthy and youthful result.

An alternate repair, called the wedge technique, is more complex as it is used to correct the shape and contour of the outer labia. This surgery is performed in the operating room of the hospital.


After the surgery, patients may experience discomfort and swelling for several days and should refrain from sexual activity, bike riding, horseback riding and other strenuous physical activities for 5 to 6 weeks to promote proper healing. The area should be kept clean to avoid infection and clothing or activities that irritate the surgical site should be avoided until healed. Pain management will be prescribed according to the surgery performed.


Dr. Christine Rodgers is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who is very experienced performing labial surgery and has been helping women with this issue for many years. Highly trained, caring, skilled, and meticulous, Dr. Rodgers will perform the surgery with the utmost of care, consideration and expertise so the patient may obtain her desired result.

Women who are interested in having a labiaplasty done, should not hesitate to contact Dr. Christine Rodgers at Denver Plastic Surgery for a confidential and thorough consultation.