Alastin Skin Nectar is our number one go-to product for preparation and recovery from intense laser treatments. It utilizes state of the art TriHex Technology, which is a blend of peptides and botanical ingredients targeted toward anti-aging. This technology works to remove old collagen and elastin proteins from the skin that have been damaged by the sun and aids the body in replacing it with new collagen and elastin.

Peptides are small molecules that are made from amino acids. They contain a lipid carrier that helps the product easily absorb into the skin. The key difference between this product and many other products on the market is its ability to prepare the skin bed by removing the damaged proteins and fragments to allow an optimal environment for new skin growth. It is best to start using this product 2 weeks prior to an aggressive laser treatment in order to prepare the skin. After the treatment, it is imperative for cleaning the “wound bed” and generating new healthier skin. 

Although Alastin Skin Nectar was specifically formulated to prepare skin for treatments, many patients go on to use this as a daily part of their skin care routine. It does not contain any water, parabens, or preservatives so it is very safe, even for the most sensitive skin types. If this product is used twice a day with one pump, it will last approximately 2 months. 

You can purchase Skin Nectar by calling us at 303-320-8618.