Vitamin C has been used for decades due to its natural ability to protect the body. It is not produced naturally within us, it is something that we must supplement by including in our diet, vitamins, and products. This powerful antioxidant can be used systemically to boost immune system function, reduce heart disease, protect against premature aging, and strengthen bones and teeth. When looking at the skin, medical grade Vitamin C products use the natural antioxidant to reduce current skin pigmentation and reduce future spots from ever forming. 

How does it work?

Medical grade Vitamin C serums are formulated to help the skin’s surface exfoliate to get rid of pigmentation and produce a healthier more even skin tone. Underneath the surface, it continues to work by targeting melanocytes and preventing them from stimulating new pigmentation. Its natural antioxidants create barriers in the skin that repel free radical damage produced by environmental pollutions and sun damage. It strengthens the lipid layer and maintains hydration which improves overall barrier protection and helps to decrease fine lines and wrinkles. 

What is our product of choice?

Revision C+ Correcting Complex 30% is specially formulated with the most powerful form of Vitamin C (THD Ascorbate). It also includes Vitamin E and CoQ10 to plump skin, brighten dull complexions, and minimize the appearance of fine lines. It contains squalene which locks in skin hydration by replicating the body’s natural hydration mechanism. This formula is time released which allows it to be one of the strongest on the market. 

In addition to protecting against sun damage, it also works to protect against free radicals and blue light. With society changing and technology constantly becoming more important, the average adult spends close to 9 hours a day in front of a screen. This produces high-energy visible light (blue light) which has recently been found to significantly add to skin aging. This serum also uses prebiotic technology to support the skin’s own microbiome. 

How do I apply?

It is important to understand how your facial products should be layered so that they have the greatest effect. Vitamin C serum should be used once daily in the mornings. It should be the first thing applied to a clean face, or immediately after toner. Allow the lotion to absorb then follow up with a moisturizer and sunscreen. 

Who can use Vitamin C?

People with oily, dry, or combination skin can all benefit from the powerful use of Vitamin C serum. Patients who are particularly prone to cystic acne should consult with their provider prior to starting. 

By Kendall Peterson