Maybe I am a little biased, but after 20+ years and over 17 laser certifications, I refuse to work anywhere without a Sciton Laser.  As a provider, it is of the utmost importance to me that I deliver optimal results for my patients, in a safe way.

Sciton has multiple laser platforms to help every type of skin color and skin condition.  They have extensive research and clinical trials to back up their product.  The latest trial on BBL (BroadBand Light), also known as Forever Young BBL, was conducted over a 12-year period with multiple skin ages and conditions.  This study proved, through punch biopsies of skin cells, that multiple BroadBand Light treatments per year will change the way our skin ages on a DNA level.  Consistent treatment resulted in Gene Expressions that act and look like someone 20 years younger after 10 years of treatment.  The skin looks more even and brighter and fine lines and wrinkles were reduced dramatically over time!! 

Sciton 2940 Erbuim Yag

One of the Scition laser platforms I use the most is called the 2940 erbium yag. I use this for skin resurfacing and fractionating.  Most Physician Offices use CO2 lasers for resurfacing because it is more cost effective.  Although this can be a good method for deep wrinkle correction, it also tends to have frequent undesirable side effects such as hypopigmentation (or loss of pigment) in the skin.  This can leave the skin looking waxy and very unnatural.  Over the years I have treated patients who come to me seeking correction after CO2 due to being scarred with “track marks” on their skin from CO2 fractionation procedures.  This side effect can occur for multiple reasons such as too much thermal heat emitted from the gas laser, as well as practitioner error.  When there is too much heat, it can cause skin to heal itself prematurely, leaving permanently damaged melanin which can cause loss of pigment.  Scitons erbium is a crystal laser which emits less heat, but it is a lot more expensive than gas lasers to produce so it’s not as widely available.  However, in 15 years of laser resurfacing and fractionating I have never had a hypopigmented patient.  

Sciton Hybrid Lasers

Sciton has also led the industry in Hybrid Lasers, or 2 lasers firing at once, which allows me to treat multiple skin conditions and skin types.  The Sciton hybrid platform is called Halo, and this is my favorite laser treatment by far!  Halo treats pigment and capillaries on the surface and it is also the first device to treat pigment deep inside the skin, also known as UV damage.  UV damage makes your skin look discolored and dull and it can even make your skin have an orange or greyish tinge.  After just one treatment your skin will glow and be more youthful and brighter than ever before, which is why we call it the Halo GLOW!!  Halo can also stimulate collagen, which helps with fine lines, texture, pores and even crepiness around your eyes and mouth. I usually recommend 2 treatments of Halo for best results.

With Sciton, I can treat every skin type, every skin condition, safely and with 95% patient satisfaction every time!  This is not possible any other device that I’ve seen on the market.  Call my office at 303-320-8618 to schedule a consult to see if you are a good candidate for one of the Scition laser treatments. 

Ashley Ackerson