What is it?

Dr. Rodgers and her team strive to take care of the woman as a “whole person”, not just as a plastic surgery patient. Our office strives to provide the best in skin care,  surgical rejuvenation of the body and face and intimate sexual wellness. We are pleased to offer the O-Shot® which can help women reinvigorate and enhance a healthy and enjoyable sex life. One in twenty women complain of difficulty with sexual arousal and trouble in achieving consistent orgasms. This procedure is non-surgical and utilizes natural growth factors extracted from your own blood. Once these factors are harvested and prepared in a sterile manner, they are injected directly into the side of the  clitoris and vaginal wall. Growth factors injected in this manner have been found to stimulate collagen growth and improve overall sexual arousal.  An added benefit is improvement in urinary incontinence as well.

Why Do Women Suffer from Decreased Response and Pleasure?

Age and menopause-related hormonal changes significantly result in a decrease in sexual arousal for many women. This condition unfortunately , in some cases, lessens their satisfaction with their partner due to lack of sexual enjoyment and difficulty reaching orgasm. Lower estrogen levels secondary to menopause result in physical changes that lead to problems including vaginal atrophy and dryness. Declines in collagen production and blood supply decrease sensitivity in the clitoris. Studies have shown that women between 45 and 65 have the most difficulty achieving orgasm. Our team is working hard to break that stigma and help women of all ages achieve the healthy sex life they deserve. 

What to Expect:

  1. Topical numbing cream will be applied to the clitoris and inside the vaginal opening
  2. A tube of blood will be drawn and spun in a centrifuge
  3. The Protein Rich Plasma (PRP) will be extracted from the tube of blood once separated
  4. A small shot of lidocaine will be placed on the side of the clitoris to ensure full numbing
  5. Ice will be placed and you should feel little to no pain at all
  6. Two PRP injections are performed, one into the clitoris and one into the anterior vaginal wall near the “G-spot”
  7. You will be ready to leave the office without any downtime
  8. Resume normal and sexual activity immediately 
  9. Some patients experience immediate results; however, most patients will see results within the first two weeks and full benefits after three months 
  10. Results typically last for 1 year.

Why Should I Consider This?

This procedure has been found to help women improve their overall sexual function. It can boost sexual desire and enjoyment by increasing clitoral and vaginal sensitivity. Additional collagen helps create more intense and frequent orgasms. Injections along the vaginal wall help support the lower end of the urethra and can help improve urinary incontinence and vaginal lubrication. It can decrease painful intercourse which is beneficial to both parties. 

What Else Can be Done to Help Sexual Function?

Our experienced providers love pairing this treatment with Diva vaginal rejuvenation. These procedures go hand-in-hand to build collagen and improve laxity. To learn more about Diva click HERE.

By Kendall Peterson