Is Denver Medical Aesthetics by Christine Rodgers Right for You?

It is no secret that the aesthetics world is saturated with med spas, cosmetic aesthetic offices and medical aesthetic offices. So, how do you know which office is best for you? In a recent article published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, What to Look For in a Quality Med Spa, this conundrum is… Read more »

Why we’re hyped on Hydrafacial

At Denver Plastic Surgery Associates we offer the most advanced aesthetic skin procedures to help restore your complexion and improve your self confidence. Downtime and minimal discomfort have become the norm in aesthetics but what if you don’t need anything major? Our skin deserves a little TLC and Hydrafacial is your one stop shop for… Read more »

The Different Types of Chemical Peels

You probably heard of chemical peels once in a while. It secures its spot in every beauty blog circulating the internet. While you probably have read a lot about its benefits, process, price, and effects, few articles show its different kinds. As enticing as it is to know a lot about chemical peels, you should… Read more »

8 Times When Your Injector Might Suggest Getting Botox Before Filler

Lumped together under the outsize umbrella that is “injectables,” neuromodulators and dermal fillers are commonly confused. The former are botulinum toxins—Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau—which relax muscles and ease tension, to smooth the skin (their main claim to fame) and encourage features to shift subtly (a quieter capability that savvy injectors have more recently begun to harness). Fillers are gels… Read more »

Improving Collagen with the Use of Sculptra

Starting in our 20s we start losing approximately 1% of our collagen in our face per year. Collagen is essential for healthy youthful looking skin as it adds to strength, elasticity, and volume. It also helps keep our nails strong and hair grow. It comes from the Greek word Kolla which means glue, it is… Read more »

Microinfusion Trio

                  Our customized Microinfusion Trio is designed to create flawless looking skin without the downtime. Our microneedling device is used to deliver a blend of Botox, hyaluronic acid filler, and vitamin C to the surface of the skin. The microchannels caused by the fine needles help to stimulate collagen and elastin production to help create… Read more »

When is the Best Time to Have Laser Treatments?

When is the best time to get a laser treatment? Fall and winter tend to be labeled “laser season” since this is when you are less likely to be spending time outdoors and in the sun.

Which Microneedling Treatment is Best & Who Need This Procedure?

Our go-to pen at Denver Plastic Surgery is called the Collagen Pen. It fractionates with up to 36 needles where most of them only have 12. This results in better results without creating any damaging injury to the skin.

How often to microneedle in Denver

While one client may only need to improve minor bumps from acne scarring with one or two treatments, another may be looking to reduce the appearance of deep stretch marks may need six to eight. Everybody’s different!

BBL in Denver

Our team at Denver Plastic Surgery loves every bit of Colorado. Who wouldn’t say that endless outdoor adventures and beautiful landscapes make for an overall great place to live?! The problem is, it’s especially difficult to maintain the glowing, healthy skin we all strive for when we live in such a unique, and sometimes extreme,… Read more »

Happily Face-Lifted – Two Women Share Their Personal Facelift Stories

Note from the author. As a middle-aged woman who keenly observes how humans age; myself included, I am fascinated and intrigued to learn about every possible resource available to optimize an aging person’s looks in an uber natural, safe and beautiful way. I am interested in all things designed to soften the effects of aging…. Read more »