At Denver Plastic Surgery Associates we offer the most advanced aesthetic skin procedures to help restore your complexion and improve your self confidence. Downtime and minimal discomfort have become the norm in aesthetics but what if you don’t need anything major?

Our skin deserves a little TLC and Hydrafacial is your one stop shop for instant suppleness without any downtime. Patients love how soft and clean their skin feels after. Its a great way to keep your skin hydrated and is perfect to do before an event.

How does Hydrafacial work?

It is a suction based device that pulls out dirt and debris from the skin while pushing concentrated antioxidants, hydrating peptides and gentle exfoliants back into the skin. We also combine red light therapy to help reduce inflammation and blue light therapy to kill acne causing bacteria. At the end of your treatment you can see all of the dead skin cells and comedones that’s been removed.

Why is Hydrafacial better than a regular facial?

Regular facials involve a lot of manual extractions that can cause redness post treatment and you can feel like you’re drowning in product afterwards. With Hydrafacial you’ll notice your skin feels light, refreshed and hydrated.

Who is a candidate?

It is safe for all skin types, including teenagers. It is not suitable for patients with severe acne or rosacea.

How often should one get a Hydrafacial?

We recommend once per month. They are also great to do in conjunction with advanced aesthetic skin procedures. Contact our office to get your appointment scheduled today.

By Adrian Hunt March 2022