Note from the author. As a middle-aged woman who keenly observes how humans age; myself included, I am fascinated and intrigued to learn about every possible resource available to optimize an aging person’s looks in an uber natural, safe and beautiful way. I am interested in all things designed to soften the effects of aging. Maintaining a fit figure, attitude and weight, learning about non-surgical products and services like Retin-A or laser therapy used to erase tiny brown spots and fine wrinkles, or learning how an expertly placed tiny injection of botox just between the brows can relax a furrow, as just a few of some incredible tools to provide a more rested, beautiful and youthful look. As a nurse and a writer, I am in the enviable position to be on Dr. Rodger’s team. I am learning from the staff experts about the plethora of products, services and surgeries used to maximize a women’s beauty. And, as a former ICU nurse, I am acutely aware of medical and surgical expertise and safety. Finally, as an artist, I have a finely tuned eye for natural beauty. I am especially honored to be able to to interview two actual facelift patients of Dr. Rodgers in order to learn every last detail about their surgeries as well as why they were only willing to have their surgeries performed by Dr. Christine Rodgers.

This is a three part series of articles to meticulously describe the journeys of two amazing patients of Dr. Rodgers, who I admirably and confidentially refer to as Lady Silver and Lady Blonde. Enjoy.

Part One – The Decision Making Process


You’ve noticed that you don’t look at yourself in the mirror so much anymore.

And, you are really annoyed when people “tag” photos of yourself on Facebook unless you are positioned “just so” or the light is particularly soft. And that side view? Don’t even get me started!! Just where did that saggy neckline come from? And those pucker lines around the lips? Makeup used to be so much fun until it now only seems to highlight the fine lines. What the heck?!

You’ve gone and done it, haven’t you? Palm to forehead. You are aging.


You sure don’t feel old. You are at the top of your game. A master of your craft. You are nailing life and “Self Actualization” is at hand! You feel great. Problem is, people treat you like you are invisible. A has-been.

“Are you tired?” they ask. Or, “What are you so angry about?” Perhaps they say, “You must be looking forward to your retirement . . . soon?!”

Nope. Not even close.

As one of Dr. Rodger’s 60 year old facelift patients commiserated, “I am, at last firing on all cylinders. My career is at an all time high and I intend to keep working same as my male peers, well into my 70’s or 80’s even! I have a wonderful family, great friends, and I have a very active life. I ski, surf, hike and travel. This is what I have been working towards my entire life. Unfortunately, I just don’t look like any of that.”

You admit you’ve pulled back your saggy neck while looking in the mirror and have contemplated plastic surgery, but oh my gosh, how daunting is that? All of those over-done Hollywood types including women with the platypus lips and perpetually surprised looks on their faces. They don’t look beautiful or young; they just look bizarre. That said, you also consider all of the Hollywood types who obviously have had wonderful “work” done. Salma Hayek, Ellen Degeneres, Sofia Vergara and more stars look absolutely radiant. Stunningly beautiful. Clearly, plastic surgery done well is indeed a very good thing. That is what you want.

So, you’ve gone as far as looking for that very good plastic surgeon online and have made a visit or two. But ugh – so overwhelming, and so unappealing. Seeing the $$’s in the eyes of the surgeon and staff leaves you feeling unappreciated, underserved and vaguely about to be violated. And how about the 3 inch notebook “menu of services” with pages and pages of curious terms and names? Gulp. Seriously? You need a tour guide!

Seriously, you need Dr. Rodgers. She and her “dream team” staff will be your safe and highly skilled, experienced and educated beauty experts as they congenially guide you through your exceptional personalized tour of all of the services they offer to compliment your best and beautiful you. And, far from being treated like a stranger in a stream of faceless online customers, you become part of the family; a well-known friend of the Dr. Christine Rodgers staff.

Interested? There is so much more.

Let me be your tour guide by sharing with you the personal stories of two amazing women who have very happily experienced beautiful, safe and natural facelifts by Dr. Christine Rodgers. Confidential for them of course, but so pleased with the exceptional care, that they each were beyond thrilled to tell all. Allow me to share the facelift success stories of these two phenomenal women.

Introducing “Ladies Silver and Blonde”

“Lady Silver” and “Lady Blonde” are successful individuals in their own right, unknown to each other, yet equals in their impressiveness. Both are doctoral level educated, highly experienced and sought after in their professions. Sharp, witty, thoughtful, beautiful, active and interested in so many of the things the world has to offer, they are both engaged and delightfully engaging. It was an absolute treat and a joy to interview them. To speak to them was to luckily “rub elbows” with their positive energy and spirit. These ladies are stars who are clearly masters of their own destinies; they each have the proverbial world by the tail.

And they each have had facelifts done by Dr. Christine Rodgers. Why?

Lady Blonde, at the age of 56, decided to investigate having a facelift for two very clear reasons. “Primarily, I wanted a facelift for my career, and secondarily, I wanted to look on the outside the way I felt on the inside. As a woman in an industry dominated by men, I began to feel like I was beginning to be passed over for them, regardless of their age, or for younger female colleagues. Professionally at my age, I was really just hitting my stride and very good at my work. Like it or not, It became clear to me that I needed to look younger if I was going to continue to compete at the highest level of my profession. Secondly, I am a very active lady; a workaholic and physically fit. I sure didn’t feel the way I looked.”

Lady Silver had a similar, yet different reason for pursuing a facelift. “I had my facelift at the age of 50 because my looks did not reflect who I was. Forever a fitness fan, my body still looks great, but my face has always been droopy, sad and tired looking. Have you seen those funny utube videos about people who have so called ‘Bitchy Resting Face?’ You need to ”google” these videos to see how some people always look crabby while simply minding their own business, at rest. Funny videos, but sadly, that was me! People always thought I was sad or in a bad mood. My eye lids were like window shades and always looked old. It is just how my family looks; we have droopy loose skin.I had my facelift done ten years ago, and I continue to be so happy with how Dr. Rodgers made my face reflect on the outside who I am on the inside. I am beyond thrilled how she did it in such a beautiful and natural way!”

Searching for the Best Plastic Surgeon

Clearly, it only takes a short surf on the internet, watching “Entertainment Tonight!” or taking a brief flip through the pages of People Magazine to see how Hollywood stars “do” plastic surgery. Some, like the Kardashians, perhaps? like to look extremely “done” as a status symbol.

No doubt, there are plastic surgeons who are more than happy and willing to do just that, yet, other stars opt for something better, and are aging so seemingly naturally and beautifully. Consider Julianne Moore, Scarlett Johansson, Christy Brinkley and even Marilyn Monroe? Take a careful look at their easily found younger to older photographs which reveal the truth. These beauties have been carefully advised and meticulously cared for every aging step of the way. I want what they’re having! And so do Ladies Silver and Blonde.

“Improving upon my looks became a research project,” said Lady Blonde. I began investigating non surgical treatments at a well regarded dermatology office. Wanting to learn about fillers, lasers and other non-surgical, cosmetic stuff, my first visit to the dermatology office left me very dismayed. Frankly, the staff at this office drank way too much of their own Kool-aid?! I didn’t want to look like any of the women is those offices. I did not want a Hollywood face. I wanted a younger, well-rested and completely natural look.” Lady Blonde’s search at last pointed her to Dr. Christine Rodgers when she learned about a surgery done for a woman who had had an excellent result following a traumatic facial injury. “She looks phenomenal” said Lady Blonde.

Lady Grey had a similar research project; observing the results of various and sundry surgeons over the years. “I was always impressed with the stories of those who had chosen Dr. Rodgers. And, when I went to her office for a consultation, I knew I had come to the most excellent office.” Lady Blonde echoed her happiness with at last visiting Dr. Rodger’s office. Beginning with arrival at The Rose Hospital complex and being greeting by free valet service, things were off to a good start. Finding the office and opening the door felt very right, and being greeted by Julie at the front desk was so impressive. “Do you know Julie? Doesn’t she have the best skin? An absolute, natural China doll, that one?! And so warm, kind and knowledgeable. What a perfect front person. One by one, I was introduced to the staff, and felt so warmly welcomed again and again. Diane, the business lady, and Brooke, Katie and Ashley, Dr. Rodger’s licensed Physician’s Assistants were all so friendly, kind, quality and knowledgeable. Truly a dream team,” said Lady Silver.

“Dr. Rodger’s staff is incredibly real and very, very friendly. They answered my questions before I even knew I had one! The office staff is very warm and thankfully, no one looked like they had sampled the product. I know how challenging it is to maintain good employees, and to feel the cohesiveness of the staff totally and completely was a very great feeling,” said Lady Blonde. “And then I got to meet Dr. Rodgers. She is petite, about my age and a natural beauty. Her approach was very straight forward without a sales pitch, thank goodness,” said Lady Blonde.

“Dr. Rodger’s is the very best,” said Lady Silver. “She does everything in excellence. She is brilliant you know. Ivy league educated and so smart, not arrogant and a true artist. And she is the expert and I know for a fact she is a perfectionist who will not cut any corners to hurry her time spent with any patient either in the office nor in surgery. She devotes herself to each patient completely, never leaving the patient while in surgery, no matter how long it takes to get everything absolutely perfect.”

Suffice it to say, Ladies Silver and Blonde ended their quest for the perfect plastic surgeon by choosing Dr. Christine Rodgers.